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Marcy  is a strong believer in being a CarePartner while doing "with" someone living with dementia and not "for" someone living with dementia. She advocates for independence, autonomy, and self-determination for everyone involved. She has a degree in Psychology from Edinboro University and a bachelors in Social Work from Dalhousie University. Marcy was named Valedictorian of the 2018 Full-Time cohort for her Masters of Social Work (MSW) program at the University of Waterloo.

Marcy is the former chair of the Kingston/ Greenwood Community Health Board and a former member of the provincial Community Links Board of Nova Scotia. Marcy chose to perform both of her Social Work Placements with Seniors LINCS and gained valuable insight into the processes and structure of care within health care and the gaps in service that she plans on trying to alleviate. 

She has spent the last few years learning more and understanding dementia and the affects on the people who live with it, work with it, and love someone with it. She has years of experience helping and supporting caregivers and those living with dementia navigate life and the many obstacles dementia can create. 

Marcy is now ready to educate, support, and provide opportunities to communities, loved ones, frontline and secondary staff, and anyone that is experiencing someone living with dementia in any way. 

Marcy has become certified as a Teepa Snow Trainer in order to train others in the Positive Physical Approach®, Hand-under-Hand™, Normal Aging/ Not Normal Aging, and Teepa's GEMS® and a certified Positive Approach® to Care Coach in order to work one on one with anyone interacting with someone living with dementia. 

Helping those living with dementia cope, thrive, and continue to love the best that they can!

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