Positive Approach™ to Care Trainings

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* Normal Aging/ Not Normal Aging

  • Compare and contrast “normal” aging versus “not normal” aging related to various cognitive functions.
  • Describe the five sensory input and processing systems, highlighting the dominant role of vision, and the major differences between protective and discriminating sensation in each.​
  • Discuss the impact of changing sensory awareness and processing as dementia progresses. 

* Positive Physical Approach® (PPA)/ Hand-Under-Hand™ (HUH)

  • PPA®: How to positively approach a person living with dementia
  • HUH™: Helps assist with not for, Protects them and us, Helps direct                      gaze, and Can be calming

Teepa Snow's GEMS®

  • Sapphire: True Blue-Healthy Brain
  • Diamond: Clear/Sharp- Routines and Routines Rule
  • Emerald: Green/ On the Go With Purpose- Naturally Flawed
  • Amber: Caught in a Moment of Time- Caution Required
  • Ruby: Deep and Strong- Others Stop Seeing What is Possible
  • ​Pearl: Hidden in a Shell- Beautiful Moments to Behold