• Removing Rugs and Cluttered Pathways
  • Creating Reminder & Already Answered Question Boards
  • Safeguarding Important Documents
  • Creating a List of Important Documents and Their Locations
  • Creating Happy Thoughts & Other Distractions
  • Strategic Placement of Locks and Sight Barriers
  • Rearranging Furniture and Cupboard/Closet Contents
  • Installing Monitoring Devices
  • Adding Ease-of-Use Items
  • Considering Deterrents & Other Safety Issues
  • Next Steps
  • ...Much more according to each specific situation

What does home staging mean?

Home staging consists of, but is not limited to:

Home Staging

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A person might never think if they want their loved one to stay home as long as possible that staging their home for safety and protecting documents would have to be considered. Mobility issues, memory issues, and other factors can lead people living with Dementia to wander or possibly unintentionally hurt themselves. Furthermore, important documents should be created, safely stored, and readily available before the person living with Dementia is hospitalized or needs long term care housing so that decisions can be made swiftly and lovingly at an emotionally trying time.