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We are excited to introduce Karen Crosby to SAIDSO. Karen is a seasoned registered nurse currently specializing in hospice care and serving the east coast of Florida where she has lived for 32 years. Karen is recently certified in Positive Approach to Care (Teepa Snow). Karen brings authority and empathy to the team as she cared for her own mother through dementia.  She looks forward to walking alongside families in a similar journey through the struggles and difficulties of caring for loved ones living with dementia. Karen desires to create an individualized plan of care to help support, coach, and teach the necessary tools to honor and care for your loved one during this new and unchartered season. Karen's main desire is to enhance the quality of life, not only for those living with dementia but those caring for them as well 

                              We look forward to growing with Karen helping to support quality dementia care!

Our Promise

We will always try to do our best even when we are unsure what our best is. We will work with those involved to help create a person-centered approach to care and support. We will admit when we don’t know and seek to find the answer. We will learn with you and value your input along the way. We promise to make this all of OUR journey! ~

About Our Team

Marcy MacPherson advocates for self-determination, autonomy, and independence for everyone involved. She has a degree in Psychology from Edinboro University and a Social Work degree from Dalhousie University. Marcy has graduated (valedictorian) in the Masters of Social Work degree program at University of Waterloo. Marcy has spent over 10 years learning and understanding dementia and the effects on people who live with it, love through it, and work amongst it. She has years of experience helping and supporting those who are struggling to navigate life and the many obstacles dementia can create. Marcy is here to educate, coach, support, and provide opportunities to communities, loved ones, frontline and secondary health care staff, and anyone that is experiencing Dementia in their life.