Skill Groups

At this time, I am seeking more ​opportunities to support those caring for someone living with Dementia. I am available to support/coordinate/facilitate groups of individuals that would like to gather in person or online together for skill and techniques to positively add to their “toolbox” of resources.

Please fill out the contact form in order to begin the skill group discussion with me. I am here...

Serving all of North America                                           ( 863) 409-5748                                                        

Supportive Consulting

Consulting & Skill Groups

This is an opportunity to share your thoughts and your fears with someone that understands and will actively seek solutions with you. Sharing these thoughts and fears might open a pathway for understanding and coping that has yet to come to light. 

I am available throughout the week and I can be contacted for dates and times of available appointments. 

I offer a sliding scale fee (upon financial determination) in order to provide access to services to everyone.